'Red Dead Redemption 2' release date rumors: Rockstar to unveil sequel at Gamescom 2016?


Nothing much has been heard from game developer Rockstar Games after last June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) aside from giving “Grand Theft Auto Online” a much-needed update. Nonetheless, rumor mills have begun spinning anew as the game developer will be finally unveiling one of their much-hyped titles at this year’s Gamescom, which is happening right now in Cologne, Germany. Fans are now expecting that Rockstar will finally reveal either “Grand Theft Auto VI” or the second installment of their western shooter title “Red Dead Redemption.”

According to reports, the renowned game developer affirmed their participation at this year’s event which gave fans the impression that they will be making a big reveal about what they’ve cooked up for their avid followers. If the announcement is intended for “Red Dead Redemption 2,” rumor has it that the sequel will be dubbed as “Legends of the West.” Also, it is said that the much talked about game will add another character to accompany the game’s main character, John Marston, in his journey. However, there are also assumptions that this new character will be having its very own storyline that’s within the “Red Dead Redemption” lore.

However, there are also rumors that the yet to be announced game might be revealed at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting event next month together with the company’s launch of their next-generation console, the PlayStation NEO.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that the title was actually scheduled to be launched at this year’s E3 event. Nevertheless, Rockstar and Sony decided that they had to cancel the said reveal due to the Orlando shooting tragedy that claimed 50 lives including the shooter.

Rumor has it that the teaser trailer of the game had some chilling resemblance to what had transpired inside Pulse nightclub. In the rumored video clip, a man enters a saloon filled with townsfolk and begins shooting everyone in sight.

Rockstar has remained tight-lipped as of late with what they are going to announce at this year’s Gamescom. Fans will just have to stay tuned for the latest news at the ongoing video game convention in Germany.