'Red Dead Redemption 2 release date tipped for fall 2016; may include new game modes


One of the most anticipated games this year is Rockstar’s “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Although no official release date has been announced for the open-world western action adventure game, fans are still hoping that it will be out in 2016.

According to Crossmap, “RDR 2” is planned to be released by the game developer by fall next year. The report added that a former worker of Rockstar said that it has been in development for more than three years already.

Back in December 2014, it can be remembered that the official newswire of Rockstar Games answered a fan’s question regarding a reboot for “RDR” by saying that they are never in a hurry to produce sequels to their video games. The post read, “It’s wonderful to see so much excitement and enthusiasm for the ‘Red Dead’ series, and nearly 5 years after ‘Red Dead Redemption’s’ release. As we’ve mentioned when asked in the past about new games in other series such as ‘Red Dead Redemption,’ ‘Bully,’ and ‘L.A. Noire,’ we don’t always rush to make sequels, but that does not mean we won’t get to them eventually. We have so many games we want to make and the issue is always one of bandwidth and timing. We thank longtime fans such as yourselves as always for your amazing support and please stay tuned in 2015 for announcements of what’s to come from Rockstar Games.”

The same report from Crossmap further stated that the sequel to “Red Dead Redemption” might feature a multiplayer mode called “Gang Mode.” Likewise, they said that based on a Reddit leak by user AnonDN1978, the upcoming game might be titled “Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West.”

Meanwhile, for those wondering why some Rockstar games, including “Red Dead Redemption”, are not yet included in the list of backwards compatible title, Microsoft said that licensing some specific games is taking a long time. Nonetheless, the tech company assured fans that they are engaged with all their partner developers.