'Red Dead Redemption 2' news: Release window confirmed by promotional materials


The “Red Dead Redemption 2” game has been given a release date of sorts from its promo material, but things have not yes been made specific, and it’s only currently known that the new game will drop sometime in the fall.

According to Game Rant, it is common practice for developer Rockstar Games to go quite silent after announcing a major title, and this seems to be the case for “Red Dead Redemption 2” as specific details have been scarce. However, the marketing team has managed to successfully generate further interest without giving away too much via promo materials released over recent months.

While it is a fact that nothing else is stated in the promotional materials, the only thing worth noting is the fact that its release date reads “Autumn 2017.” Other than that, it features the game’s familiar motif of cowboy silhouettes against a setting sun.

As such, a 2017 release date becomes a fact, assuming that the development period for the game will not suffer from any delays. As fans can remember, Rockstar always takes its time when it comes to releasing games, and thus, the game rarely sticks to its first release date.

An exceptional instance of this is “Grand Theft Auto 5,” which was first announced to be released back in early 2013. Eventually, it got pushed back to the fall of the same year.

Meanwhile, according to Yibada, there is still no definite list of retailers that possess the promotional items, regardless of wherever they might be in the world. So far, the images of the promotional materials are from a United Kingdom-based store, GAME. It is likely, however, that the posters and materials have appeared in the United States and some other countries.

Regardless, it is not the first time a game developer has pulled out an aggressive marketing campaign. Activision did the same after “Destiny” first got announced, and it is likely that Rockstar will do the same with “Red Dead Redemption 2.”