‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ and ‘GTA 5’ will not be rivals, says Take-Two

A promotional image for "Grand Theft Auto V Online." (Facebook/grandtheftautoV)

A lot of rumors have been swirling around the delayed “Red Dead Redemption 2″ release date. With this, Take-Two clarified that it will not compete with one of their marquee titles.

Take-Two, Rockstar Games’ parent company, had an earnings call last week, as reported by Gamespot. The company said that the game will not compete with “Grand Theft Auto V” in terms of sales. “When there’s more than one title in the marketplace that compels people, the market also expands to take advantage of it,” answered CEO Strauss Zelnick, when asked if the upcoming game will diminish the sales of GTA V.

“The marketplace can be competitive, but it’s rarely directly competitive title-to-title, whether that’s a title that comes out under the Take-Two umbrella or any of our competitors or anything else for that matter,” he added.

He said that they are very “excited and enthusiastic” about the game’s arrival. He believes it has nothing to do with “GTA V Online’s” performance. Furthermore, he also pointed out that almost everything competes with everything else, especially in the gaming world. He said that there was no indicator that the two titles will exclusively go head-to-head.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive president Karl Slatoff said that they are not committing to the game’s arrival on PC. He said that the PC platform offers an opportunity for a great market. However, he also stressed that it is not for all titles.

“It really depends on the title. Some titles are actually heavily weighted to PC, for example, “Civilization” and “XCOM,” [but] some titles are less weighted to PC,” Slatoff explained. At the end of the day, he stressed that the PC market is a “great,” “core market” for the company.

Someone also asked Zelnick regarding “Red Dead Redemption 2’s” release date. Uncertainty, however, was prominent in his response. In his answer, he said that he will leave it to Rockstar Games to make any announcements. “Any updates about any of our titles will come from our labels,” answered Zelnick.

The game’s release date delay has caused a stir within the gaming community, affecting both fans and competitors alike. As gamers wait anxiously, rival developers like EA and Ubisoft have expressed their optimism. They have previously mentioned that they see the delay as an opportunity for growth.