Real Housewives of Orange County preview: Couples confrontation over Brooks Ayers cancer; Edmonds' divorce rumor


Big blowups should be expected from The Real Housewives of Orange County as Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks Ayers put his foot down and confronted Meghan King Edmonds about the issue of his cancer.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, Edmonds was discovered to be snooping into Ayers’ illness after the female cast members learned from a psychic that he wasn’t suffering from the illness.

Ayers, with the support of his then girlfriend Vicki faced off with Edmonds and her husband Jimmy about Meghan’s actions in Monday’s episode. Vicki and Brooks already split before the season aired. 

During the confrontation, Meghan seemed unrepentant, standing by her decision to verify Brooke’s story and citing concern. Vicki, on the other hand, was seething at her co-star’s antics.

“People I love have cancer and if you are faking it for sympathy – or whatever I am going to get to the bottom of it legally,” Meghan said at the confessional. She did not deny searching the internet for clues and even calling Brooke’s doctor to check his claim. She also confessed to her husband that she has talked to Brooke’s ex girlfriend to find out more about the situation, something that Jimmy did not condone.

But it seems that rumors are also swirling about another split on the show that of Jim and Meghan herself.

In a report by the Inquisitr, the confrontation that took place between the two couples ran deeper than Meghan’s snooping as she also confronted Brooks about spreading nasty rumors about her relationship with her husband, which the latter denied.

It was earlier reported that another co-star Tamra Barney said Brooks had told her Meghan’s marriage was on the rocks and that only two of their four months together were happy.

“I have a question for you. Did you tell Tamra that when you saw [Jim Edmonds] at the hockey game that [Jim Edmonds] said to you, ‘We’ve been married for four months and only two of them were good?” she asked Brooks, to which he denied even talking to Tamra.