'Real Housewives of Orange County' news: Shannon Beador hits out at co-star Vicki Gunvalson over cancer scandal


Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Guanvalson is presently sitting on the hot seat regarding his ex-boyfriend’s fake cancer scandal.

The “RHOC” star’s former beau, Brooke Ayers, confirmed that he faked his cancer diagnosis even to the point of coming up with counterfeit documents to support his lie via an interview with E! News in Nov. 11.

“Words cannot express the deep regret that I have in fabricating documents to ‘prove’ to the world that I, in fact, have cancer. What I did was wrong and inexcusable. I acted alone, without Vicki’s knowledge, to produce documents for a reality TV show in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest. I never intended to disclose my actual medical records or details about my private and personal medical history, thus the rationalization of presenting documents that weren’t true simply for a ‘story line’ for the show,” Ayers said.

Despite Ayers’ attempt in cleaning Guanvalson’s hands of the scheme he tried pulling off, a couple of other stars in the “Real Housewives” just don’t buy his statement. This is due to the contradicting stories Guanvalson told when Ayers was supposedly undergoing treatment for his cancer. For one, Shannon Beador openly expressed her feelings about the matter. She released a video on her official Facebook account detailing what she thought about Guanvalson allegedly not knowing that Ayers was just duping everyone.

“You fabricated a story to gain sympathy for Brooks one and a half months prior to filming. It was calculated. It was premeditated. She wanted sympathy for her boyfriend because two, three how many other seasons had he been on? Nobody liked him,” the 51-year-old reality star said in the video.

She also clarified that she doesn’t have any personal vendetta or whatsoever against Guanvalson. Her reason for speaking out is that she just wanted to express how irritated she is that it seems like they have fabricated the story prior to filming the TV show’s recent season.