Real Housewives of OC news: Shannon vs Vicki over Brooks' cancer


It seems like the truth behind Brooks Ayers’ cancer will again be the focus of The Real Housewives of Orange County and this time, Brooks’ girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson will be squaring off against another housewife, Shannon Beador.

“I’m just gonna say, ‘Shannon vs. Vicki.’ That pretty much describes the finale to me. And it’s not something that I’m excited about. It’s not something that should’ve happened,” Shannon said to E!

It can be recalled that a recent episode featured Vicki and Brooks confronting Meghan and her husband Jim Edmonds over investigating about Brooks’ cancer.

“People I love have cancer and if you are faking it for sympathy – or whatever I am going to get to the bottom of it legally,” Meghan said at the confessional, reported The Daily Mail.

The reality star has reportedly been searching the internet for clues and even calling Brooks’ doctor to check his claim. She also confessed to her husband that she has talked to Brooke’s ex-girlfriend to find out more about the situation, something that Jimmy did not condone.

But it seems like Edmonds was not the only one of the housewives who had doubts about Brooks’ condition.

Shannon reportedly voiced out her concern about Brooks in the September 21 episode of the show and this caused the tension to rise between the two friends. While Vicki took offense at the fact that Shannon had her doubts about Brooks’ story, Shannon was equally hurt that her friendship would be questioned.

“When you’re my friend, you’re my friend for life. It’s just that there were so many different, inconsistent stories. There’s no need for me to talk to her if I’m going to keep getting accused of not being a good friend and drinking the Kool-Aid…What kind of Kool-Aid is that? I don’t get that,” Shannon said.