'Real Housewives of Atlanta' news: Bravo, NBC want Nene Leakes back in the show


While some other TV personalities try their very best to keep their jobs, Nene Leaks is one of the few fortunate ones who are being offered numerous stints. Latest reports suggested that Bravo bosses are working their way to bring the celebrity back to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Leakes, who left the show last season after being one of the original members of the cast, made a guest appearance last week during the last few minutes of the show. Despite having minimal part in the TV reality series, her return was still very much highly anticipated by the audience.

A source of Radar Online revealed, “The fans miss NeNe and even though there is tons of drama this year without her, with her back, it would just take the show to the next level.”

Seeing this shift in attention, Bravo sought the help of its parent company, NBC, to have Leakes back in the show full time. Unfortunately, it looks like the 48-year-old is no longer interested in coming back as she is busy with numerous projects like her fashion line and her hosting gig in E! Network’s “Fashion Police.” E! is also a subsidiary of the NBC group and Leakes is said to be being threatened to be cut off from any other NBC shows, including “Fashion Police” if she does not come back to “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

“NeNe loves being a part of ‘FashionPolice,’ but the network is ready to cut ties if she doesn’t agree to their terms,” the insider said, adding that Leakes going back to the reality series will be a step back from her aspirations to be a global brand through her fashion line.

But Bravo is also adamant, the insider further shared, “‘RHOA’ continues to be the crown in Bravo’s crown and the network wants it to shine. With NeNe.”

As of now, there is no official word from both parties regarding this matter.