'Sense8' Season 2 renewed or canceled on Netflix? Series' fans call for more


The third season of Showtime’s hit series ‘Ray Donovan’ will move its focus away on the Donovan family for the third season.

The series, which stars Liev Schrieber as the titular character, will also introduce new characters to the cast.

Ray Donovan is a Los Angeles fixer who arranges to fix potentially scandalous happenings for his clients by covering them up. According to Fashion & Style, the first two seasons had focused solely on the Donovan family, particularly Ray and his father Mickey, which is played by Jon Voight.

However, Fashion & Style said, the third season will shift its focus and mark the debut of new cast members, which include Ian McShane, Katie Holmes and Elliott Gould.

Christian Today also reported that actress Stephanie Erb has also signed up for the role of a recurring character in the series. However, there are no details yet about the character that Erb will be playing in Ray Donovan’s 3rd season except that she will appear for three episodes in the series.

Jack Wagner and Cheryl Ladd will also guest star in the third season, Christian Today added.

Fans have been speculating about the storyline since the production released the official trailer for the third season.

Christian Today suggested that Ray Donovan will “take things into his own hands,” implying that he might not be offering his services for sale now based on his monologue in the trailer.

“Been 25 years of my life being told what to do. I’m done now,” The Wrap quoted Ray as saying in the trailer.

“I’m tired of fixing things for people who don’t deserve it… I’m done now.” Donovan concluded.

Elliott Gould’s character’s closing line in the trailer further suggested that changes are coming up for Ray Donovan in the series’ third season.

“You’ll see Raymond, it’s going to be a great adventure,” Gould’s character said.

Ray Donovan’s third season will premiere on June 12 in Showtime.