'Rainbow Six Siege' updates: Year Two Operator nationalities revealed by Ubisoft China


Ubisoft has just revealed the roadmap for the second year of the hit shooter game “Rainbow Six: Siege,” which features the next batch of DLCs that will be released soon.

According to the Bit Bag, there will be four new countries confirmed to have their own operators for the new season of the game. However, for the players who want to have an easy access to the new downloadable content, they will need to first buy a new season pass for the game.

In the new roadmap posted by Ubisoft, Spain, Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea will be the countries to be included for the “Rainbow Six: Siege” game’s new DLCs. So far, eight Operators were confirmed, but they are yet to be revealed, so it is still possible that each country will receive two Operators each: one attacker and one defender. Unfortunately, new maps were not mentioned in the roadmap, but following the Year One DLC pattern, it is not far from the realm of possibility that Ubisoft will receive exciting new maps once again.

Furthermore, with the four seasons of updates for the “Rainbow Six: Siege,” eight new exclusive headgear and uniforms, as well as an R6 Carbon Charm and 600 R6 credits, will be given for the players who opt to get the Year Two VIP package. Also, having the VIP package will allow the players to use the Operators earlier compared to normal users.

Meanwhile, according to Game Rant, the information comes from the Ubisoft China, which spilled the beans about the Operator countries for the Year Two Roadmap of the game. After all, the studio meant for these to be a secret for now, but Ubisoft China instead made a post in Weibo about it.

“Rainbow Six: Siege” is available for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.