'Rainbow Six Siege' season 4 DLC release date: Japanese-themed expansion to arrive next month?


Ubisoft’s equally successful tactical shooter video game, “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” will be getting a new update for its fourth season and rumors about it being Japanese-themed seems to tally with previous reports.

The “Rainbow Six Siege” Reddit forum is mostly filled with questions from fans who are eager to know what is in store for them in the upcoming season. One of the users addressed a question directly to Craig Robinson, the game’s community manager at Ubisoft. The latter responded quite positively by posting a photo that seemed to confirm speculations about the update that have been going around in the last few months.

The photo posted depicts a Japanese flag which seemingly confirms that the next expansion will indeed have Japanese-laden content. Moreover, speculations are also rife that the game’s rumored map dubbed “Skyscraper” is likely to be situated in Japan as well. Furthermore, fans might also remember that there was a spy shot of an operator donning a tactical suit worn by Japanese forces together with a bushido mask. With all these clues, fans are now anticipating the forthcoming expansion.

Ubisoft, on the other hand, has remained mum about the release of the highly anticipated downloadable content (DLC). Nevertheless, it is believed to be rolled out sometime next month. Apart from the looming Japanese content, the new expansion is also anticipated to introduce new items, more maps, and even new costumes.

Meanwhile, other fans have been wondering if a fifth season of the game will be pushing through next year. It can be recalled that Ubisoft’s current roadmap only details four seasons. While waiting for the announcement, fans will just have to settle for the forthcoming content that is rumored to come in November.