Radeon RX 480 release date: new AMD Polaris cards in XFX production line revealed


The hype around AMD’s new line of Polaris-powered video cards continue, with pictures surfacing online showing the company’s flagship Radeon RX 480 video card in a production line from XFX and some of its custom specifications.

Video Cardz reported that prominent Hong Kong-based computer parts manufacturer XFX are now in the middle of production for AMD’s new line of video cards, with the news based off an image showing the cards running through a production line allegedly from the company.

The picture of the production line showed a stream of the cards, presumably of a custom design or make based on the fact they have a full cover back plate. As the cards were turned face down, all that could be surmised of their hardware design is it looks like the custom cards will have a shorter printed circuit board (PCB) and the previously shown blower type apparatus for cooling methods.

Another image showed one of the RX 480 cards sitting in the box with its cooler shroud removed, allowing for a peek inside. The picture showed that the inside of the video card is apparently surprisingly spacious, though other models could feature a different design altogether.

The last of the images was probably the most interesting, as it was a screenshot of the RX 480’s specifications reading on the GPU-Z program. The screenshot showed that the specific card had the 8 GB GDDR5 variant of the RX 480 line and that the XFX custom model will ship with high factory overclocking at more than 1000 MHz.

The image did not show all of the card’s specifications though, as the GPU-Z program is yet to be updated to completely read newer cards. As such, some of the specifications were not available. Some of the unread details were the card’s pixel fillrate and texture fillrate, alongside it’s supported DirectX version.

It was also reported that a number of video card brands in China have already begun preordering the RX 480, meaning that the card could take the region by storm when it officially releases on June 29.