‘Quantico’ season 2 plot news: Showrunner talks about ‘fractured’ team, previews next episode

A promotional image for "Quantico" (Facebook/QuanticoABC)

It seems that Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) life is at stake now that the secret task force is no longer a secret to the Americans in “Quantico.” Apart from this, the members of the first family are at odds.

As noted in the 19th episode, with Caleb’s (Graham Rogers) suggestion, Clay (Hunter Parrish) and Maxine (Krysta Rodriguez) used their engagement party to lure the collaborators.

While the rest of the operatives failed to capture the suspects, Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) pretended to aid the enemy. He managed to make Alice Winter confess on tape that she murdered Sasha and León. Sadly, Alice deceived Ryan as she made him share a lot of information about their mission.

The media divulged President Haas’ (Marcia Cross) undercover mission and reported that an impeachment is underway.

Alex, on the other hand, got a hold of Maxwell Fletcher who invited her to join his felonious team. After telling Owen (Blair Underwood) of the plan, Alex infiltrated Fletcher’s organization.

Meanwhile, Clay admitted to Shelby (Johanna Braddy) that he has feelings for her, but he needs to stay with Maxine. To keep him away from her, Shelby faked out a sleepover with his brother, Caleb. Clay bought the drama and left. Then, Caleb told Shelby that he’s ready to go back to school.

“The task force is really fractured, and I’m not entirely sure if they’ll come back together again,” executive producer Josh Safran told Entertainment Weekly. He also stated that Ryan and Shelby are now exposed, and they will be locked down in the next episode.

“Alex is now in the inner circle, and in episode 20, she’s gonna have to prove that she is really there and not there undercover to the collaborators,” he went on to say.

Safran hinted that if the operatives know about Alex’s whereabouts, it would cause a lot of friction.

The second season of “Quantico” will continue on May 1 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.