Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 rumors suggest 8GB RAM coming with SD30


The smartphone industry is indeed a fast moving one. Even before devices running under the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset hit the market, there are already talks about the possible new iteration of the Snapdragon processor. Pertained to as the Snapdragon 830, people in the industry are saying that the chipset is expected to bring about an innovation in the memory capacity of smartphones and other mobile devices.

As reported by GSM Arena, a Weibo post said that a Chinese mobile analyst by the name of Pan Jiutang revealed that the upcoming Snapdragon processor will have a model number of MSM8998. It is expected to be called the Snapdragon 830.

Other than its supposed model number and name, Pan Jiutang also said that the Snapdragon 830 may very well open up the doors for mobile devices to finally carry with them the beastly amount of 8GB RAM. Currently, the 4GB RAM size is perceived as the highest, most common capacity of a memory for a mobile device.

According to the analyst, this is because applications, tasks, and features of mobile devices continuously evolve. Later on, mobile devices will require more and more memory to run themand thus the introduction of an additional RAM, now up to 8GB. It was also pointed out in the same report that this is due to more and heavier multi-tasking features that are made available in devices or via the use of an app which, naturally, will soon require more memory, too.

While the rumor and speculation about Qualcomm’s possible new chipset did come way too early, it still raised a lot of significant questions as to the next generation of smartphones. Is more RAM really the only thing that users need? Or could applications and features be improved so that they use less RAM without sacrificing function and efficiency?