Playstation Plus free games for September 2016 prediction: three games rumored to join roster


The month of August has barely reached its middle but rumors about the upcoming roster of free games coming in September for members of Sony’s premium gaming service, PlayStation Plus, have already been making rounds online. The latest reports suggest that the possible game titles that would be given away for free to members of the club would consist of AAA and mid-tier games from the past years which many would surely enjoy should they really be released next month.

In a new report, it was suggested that there are at least three games that have a strong chance of being part of the PS Plus roster for the month of September. One of which is “Watch Dogs.”

Since the much-awaited sequel game “Watch Dogs 2” would be released in November, it may be a good move to reignite interest by having the first game in the series, “Watch Dogs,” be available for free. The first game features a different protagonist and storyline as compared to what will be featured in the upcoming sequel.

Other games that are expected to join the roster include “Driver: San Francisco,” a game about a dead driver who is able to possess cars, and “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham,” just in time for the nearing release of “The LEGO Batman Movie.”

As for the month of August, players can still download the games that are part of this month’s roster. For the PlayStation 4 gamers, tower-building game “Tricky Towers” and space-set game “Rebel Galaxy” are still available. Those on the PlayStation 3 console, on the other hand, can still get the PS3 exclusive “Yakuza 5” and the reverse shoot ’em up game “Retro/Grade.” Meanwhile, PlayStation Vita players get to have “Patapon 3,” the rhythmic role-playing game featuring superhero Patapon. Finally, there is “Ultratron,” which is available across all PlayStation platforms.