Project Scorpio release date, news: Console confirmed to sport Xbox 360 backwards compatibility


Microsoft’s next big thing in gaming, Project Scorpio, will be delighting nostalgic fans when it hits the market during the holidays next year as it was revealed that the next-generation console will be backwards compatible with all Xbox One and some Xbox 360 titles.

As confirmed by the director of program management for Xbox, Mike Ybarra, on Twitter, this decision could be one of the major selling points of the forthcoming game platform. This move has already been executed on the current Xbox One which has the Backward Compatibility feature.

It can be recalled that ever since backwards compatibility was introduced on the Xbox One late last year, the company has noticed an increase in sales of the said console which allowed Microsoft to eventually overtake Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Unlike the Redmond-based giant, Sony doesn’t offer such attribute for the company’s current and upcoming platforms unless players are subscribed to their online rental program known as PlayStation Now. Moreover, the said program comes at a steep price, though, in the end, some gamers don’t really mind if they are longing to play classic titles.

Meanwhile, it was noted beforehand that the Project Scorpio console will be donning an octa-core chipset with true 4K capabilities. It’s also believed to have virtual reality support as this is one of the current whims of new and incoming game consoles. Furthermore, Project Scorpio will also have a Blu-ray component making it a tough one to beat when it comes out.

Apart from these, it is also theorized that Microsoft could be tapping the graphics processing unit (GPU) maker Advanced Micro Devices in providing the next-generation console with a Polaris-based graphics card as it previously did with the Xbox One. However, this could be upgraded as AMD is rumored to unveil their Vega-built GPUs next year.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Microsoft’s forthcoming “monster” game platform.