Project Cars Wii U release date: Developers are having some troubles with specs says studio head Ian Bell; Project might launch on Nintendo DX


Developers from Slightly Mad Studios of “Project CARS,” short for Community Assisted Racing Simulator, are having some problems running the game on Wii U at 23 frames per second at 720p resolution, Gazette Review reports.

Studio head Ian Bell, admitted on the project’s official site forum that they “could reach a fairly solid 30fps but it might take a hell of a lot of work,” and suggested that it may be best to move to another console, “On the other hand, about halfway through us finishing, Nintendo might announce a new console (I have zero knowledge on this BTW but I’ve heard ‘rumours’). Our work might just be the best thing that ever hit that new console in the driving sim genre,” he added.

According to the report, having the game on Wii U was the second popular choice next to PC, among fans when they first heard it back in 2012 and 2013. Fans crowdfunded the product to originally launch in PC/Xbox 360/PS3 and maybe Wii U while later being changed to PC/Xbox One/PS4 and still a maybe for Wii U. The report also suggested that Wii U is behind the other consoles that is why it is harder to pull off the right effects of Project CARS.

Meanwhile Nintendo Chief Executive Satoru Iwata remarked that the new console codenamed DX is not just a simple replacement for Wii U, “Since we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible, we would like to offer to them ‘a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept’ by taking into consideration various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country,” he stated.

Distributed worldwide by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Project CARS was released on May 7 in Europe and on May 12 in the United States of America. It has reportedly received good reviews for PC and PS4 while lower review rate for Xbox One due to some bugs and lower frame rate.