'Prison Break' season 5 release date news: Brothers reunite with one of them trapped in prison once again


There’s no longer any doubt that a fifth season of “Prison Break” is in the works, and as a matter of fact, it certainly looks like it’ll be released sooner than most of its fans expected. With the new installment looming years after the last season aired, there’s one too many things to be excited about.

The American television serial drama recently released its first trailer, where lead stars Dominic Purcell, who plays Lincoln Burrows, and Wentworth Miller, who plays as Lincoln’s brother Michael Scofield, are once again reunited after the events of the last season where everyone thought Michael was dead.

To recall, the entire series, comprised of four seasons, was about Michael devising a clever plan to break his brother out of prison. But this time, it appears to be the other way around, as Michael is imprisoned and with Lincoln teaming up with several of the old characters to break him out of a prison that’s not in the United States.

Reports are also saying that the series revival is shorter than the usual follow-up seasons and that it will be more like a mini movie. Aside from Purcell and Miller, two other actors are expected to reprise their roles, namely Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara Tancredi and Robert Knepper as T-Bag. Both Sara and T-Bag appear to be in connivance with Lincoln to get Michael out of a Moroccan prison.

Although there isn’t much to go on, with little details given about the new series of “Prison Break,” obviously the most important thing is the revelation that Michael is indeed alive. There never was any concrete talk or rumor about “Prison Break” coming back because of the nature of Michael’s death in the season 4 finale. So it should be pretty interesting how the creators of the show will explain why Michael is still alive and what events led him to get himself inside a prison outside of the country.

The revived limited series is scheduled to air in early 2017 on FOX.