'Prison Break' season 5 air date, spoilers: revisiting all the confirmed details so far


The reemergence of the American television serial drama, “Prison Break” came as a bit of a surprise to everyone since there was a consensus that the FOX show ultimately came to an end after its season 4 finale, with the apparent death of the main protagonist, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). But everyone has moved on and absorbed the exciting realization that the character is indeed alive, but barely, in a Yemeni prison.

The new offering of “Prison Break” is scheduled to debut next year with nine episodes ordered by FOX, thereby making it more of a limited series than a continuation of season 4. So far, there has been a lot of information handed out online, but not everything is official or has been confirmed. Based on the first trailer, the limited series’ storyline revolves around Michael trapped in a prison after being framed by a terrorist group, although there could also be a possibility that he has become a terrorist for real.

Per Movie News Guide, it will be Lincoln Burrows’ (Dominic Purcell) time to return the favor and rescue his brother from prison. It might be a riskier and more dangerous endeavor for Lincoln and some of their friends considering that unlike Michael, they don’t have the skills or the perfect plan to do it. The only advantage Lincoln has is that he will be getting help.

Help in this case comes in the form of old friends from their previous escape from prison, including Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell (Robert Knepper), and Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin (Rockmond Dunbar). But with Michael’s former lover Sara and their kid already in the care of a new beau named Scott Ness (Mark Feuerstein), it’s difficult to imagine if both will be able to rekindle their romance in the new season.

“Prison Break” is expected to return to FOX in early 2017.