Prison Break reboot: Dominic Purcell reunites with Wentworth Miller to reprise roles as Lincoln Burrow and Michael Scofield


It’s been six years since fans last saw the brothers Lincoln Burrow and Michael Scofield, played by actors Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller respectively, on television. Now, the Twentieth Century Fox’s Golden Globe-nominated action series, “Prison Break” is confirmed to make a comeback.

Purcell took it to his Instagram to announce the news saying, “#prisonbreak remake is going to be massive. WENTWORTH and I are super pumped for it. It’s been a long time coming im just stoked that we and #twentiethcenturyfox are giving this #iconic show another chance to entertain the fans.” Purcell mentioned that Fox is deciding between having either a movie or a limited TV series of the show.

Deadline reports that it will be a limited series, and creator and producer Paul Scheuring is interested in making a new plotline. While there are only rumors on what the story of the remake will be, the report also shared that it focuses again on the brothers, who might be joined by a third lead character. It is also rumored that many of the original members of the cast might do cameos.

On a separate post, Purcell also said that what made the series a success aside from production values and character development, is due to the storyline focusing on the theme of brotherhood, “The main reason it resonated on such a profound level was the #BROTHERS. Love is a universal theme people can relate too and understand. The unconditional love the brothers had for one another moved many people emotionally on deeper levels. That’s the power of great story telling. Find something people can understand coupled with immense talent from all angles and invariably you will achieve success,” the actor shared.

The actor also revealed that Miller is the “driving force” behind the remake of the series.

Prison Break was first released in 2004 and had four seasons before it ended in 2009.