Prince album release: exclusive release to TIDAL on September 7 for legendary singer's 38th album


Long-time music icon Prince is taking full advantage of the Internet as he prepares to release his latest album.

According to Gig Wise, the music legend will release a new album on September 7. Instead of releasing the music through traditional methods, Prince will release the album, titled HITNRUN, exclusively on Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming service.

TIDAL is one of the few remaining websites that carry Prince’s music catalog, the USA Today noted, after the artist pulled out his entire catalog from other music streaming sites, including Spotify, on July 1 following the release of the artist’s single HARDROCKLOVER.

The single will be included in the upcoming album, USA Today added.

3rd Eye Girl, Prince’s support band, revealed the news of Prince’s new album first in an earlier article by Gig Wise. In the article, the band said that the album’s title was inspired by a string of Princes “pop-up concerts” in 2014.

The band also described the album as “super experimental,” and a type of album that will satisfy hardcore Prince fans rather than the ones who are more accustomed to the flavor of his earlier hit songs like Purple Rain.

“[It] definitely caters to those fans who just love to hear what Prince has to say, rather than wanting to always hear that classic Purple Rain Prince sound,” the band told Gig Wise.

Prince has been vocal about his support for Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming service in explaining why he chose to release his album exclusively through the service instead of getting a label to do that for him.

According to NPR, the artist voiced his criticism of record labels and their practice of cutting off artists from the marketing and selling of their music on the Internet. He also said that services like Jay-Z’s TIDAL can provide an alternative outlet for artists who are trying to gain control of their music and earnings.