'Pretty Little Liars' season 7B plot news, spoilers: EP, cast tease what fans can expect in season finale


The seventh season of the teen thriller drama “Pretty Little Liars” is the series finale, and next month is the premiere of the second part of the show’s final season. According to the showrunner, the remaining ten episodes would be a “love letter to the fans.”

During their talk with Entertainment Weekly at PaleyFest, showrunners I. Marlene King and Joseph Dougherty, together with the show’s cast members, shared some upcoming events in the second-half of the season.

King started by saying that the last episodes are set to be something like a long love letter and that they are filled with drama. It will pick up where the first half left off, where Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) confirmed that she is Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) biological mother.

Speaking of drama, Alison’s issues with her sexuality and her relationship with Emily (Shay Mitchell) will be brought to light.

“Alison sort of hasn’t dealt with her sexuality, and these [remaining] episodes are about Alison trying to figure out what her sexuality is and Emily plays a big part of that,” King said.

Also, the series finale is expected to be full of surprising revelations.

“There’s obviously the reveal, the main reveal, which is so crazy; it’s so good,” said Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb. The viewers would get to see how the group has stayed together, Blackburn added.

Janel Parrish, who portrays Mona, seconded Blackburn’s claim by confirming that each episode will conclude with a huge revelation.

“You’re going to find out who killed Jessica DiLaurentis, who A.D. is,” Parrish stated and admitted that they were all in tears when they were told about the ending of the two-hour finale episode.

Sadly, not everyone in the series will have a happy ending.

“All the endgames will be endgames, but nobody’s going to get there super easily,” King hinted.

“You have to earn your happy ending,” Dougherty added.

The second-half of the “Pretty Little Liars” season 7 is scheduled to premiere on Apr. 18 on Freeform.