'Pretty Little Liars' season 6B news: Cast members share excitement over their matured characters; Jason DiLaurentis as new big bad?


More information regarding the highly anticipated second half of season 6 of ABC Family’s thriller drama series “Pretty Little Liars” is circulating online courtesy of some members of the cast.

According to an exclusive interview with ET Online, star Shay Mitchell shared that she is excited about the five-year time jump. “I’m really excited because now I get to play a little closer to my age, not exactly my age but closer. It’s just fun to have different sets and act like we do outside of the set. Just a little bit mature, a little bit older, a little bit wiser.” Ashley Benson added, “It’s nice to have mature conversations like out of the high school setting. It has been fun! I think all of us have fun developing a new sense of our character.”

Sasha Pieterse also said that it may also be a good thing for their show followers, “A lot of our viewers started pretty young and they have grown up with the show. Now they are going through the same things, I think it’s really great… relatable.” Lucy Hale reaffirmed that the narrative will still depict interesting drama and all the cliffhangers, “But we’re gonna get to see how these girls have grown up and how they have evolved and what kind of jobs they had.”

Troian Bellisario ended the clip teasing the liars are hiding new secrets from each other, “The really exciting thing is to watch who these people are now and how they interact as a lot of stuff has happened in the span of the years they are apart.”

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the next installment’s big bad may be another DiLaurentis.

Bustle reported that it may be Jason who will be behind the new threats that will haunt the girls as he seems to have a motive. The fans also started calling him “B” in reference to the last villain whose nickname was “A.” However this remains to be seen if it comes into fruition.

“Pretty Little Liars” returns to the small screen for season 6b on Jan. 12.