'Pretty Little Liars' season 6 spoilers: Huw Collins talks about his new character; Janel Parrish teases 'crazier' season 7


Huw Collins is the latest addition to the endless list of lovers of the liars as he gets a formal introduction as Allison DiLaurentis’ (Sasha Pieterse) new boyfriend in the last episode.

Collins plays Dr. Elliot Rollins the newest character in “Pretty Little Liars.” Given the history of how things panned out in the show, fans have already been feeling uneasy about him.

“I’ve done three things on the show: Hooked up Charlotte with a court date. Brilliant. Gone to court and sat there while they all went on. Great. And number three: Left Alison and Emily to have a little powwow alone in the bedroom. Like three things, all nice, and [fans are like], ‘You’re creepy.’ I cannot win. I could literally have set up an adoption center for kids and puppies and they’d be like, ‘You’re creepy,'” Collins told Entertainment Weekly recently of the seemingly unusual audience response to his role.

But whether he is a good or a bad character, he may even be the “A” of the new era for the girls. Fans will have to wait and see as he is not giving anything.

“As the show progresses people will see my character for who he is,” Collins teased.

Fortunately, one “Pretty Little Liars” star has been generous in sharing new information not just about the ongoing season but further into season 7.

Janel Parrish, who plays Mona Vanerwaal in the series revealed that fans can expect a darker path for the Liars in the next installment of the show.

“I sort of know how where it is gonna go, so I’m, like, super excited,” Parrish revealed during her guest appearance in the talk show “The Real.”

“But it’s just gonna get crazy and dark. I mean anyone who watches the show knows that it’s extremely mysterious and nobody can be trusted. And I think that’s what makes the show fun. So it’s just gonna go even crazier,” she added.

Meanwhile, in the next episode titled “We’ve All Got Baggage,” things will get a little bit more complicated with the arrival of Ezra (Ian Harding) back in Rosewood, while the girls follow a lead to a new suspect. Emily (Shay Mitchell), on the other hand, gets continuously harassed by an unknown stalker as she continues to look for Sara (Dre Davis).

“Pretty Little Liars” season 6 continues every Tuesday nights on Freeform.