Pretty Little Liars Season 6: Showrunner teases Lost Woods Resort and painting of a couple; Spencer and Toby may end up together


The second half of season six for ABC Family’s thriller-drama “Pretty Little Liars” is still months away but with the story making a five-year time jump, speculations abound as to what happens next to the girls after the big “A” reveal and college life without each other.

Although the official plot is being kept under wraps, the cast and crew shared some photos on various social media accounts leading to some breadcrumbs for fans to take in as clues.

Showrunner Marlene King recently posted a video showing a flickering neon sign that reads “Lost Woods Resort” and “No Vacancy” as she captioned it with, “Deja vu. Or not.” Viewers will remember that it is the motel where Mona started her A games and was last seen in season four when they found out that Alison was still alive.

Melty notes that the only letters that do not light up can be spelled out as “soon” seemingly suggesting that the show may return to the location.

King also previously shared an image of a painting depicting a couple who both have dark hair, lying on the bed while teasing “New artwork in a PLL’s new bedroom. Who do you think it belongs to?” Several users think that it can mean that Aria and Ezra will reunite as they love art. Some propose that it could be Spencer and Toby.

What added to the rumor that “Spoby” tandem will end up together is Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer, posted on her Instagram showing her new do and chic outfit while hinting, “#sparia & #spoby you lucky ducks.” Fans also pointed out that she is wearing a pin that looks like she may be heading into politics to follow her mother’s footsteps after graduating from Georgetown.

Meanwhile, writer Joseph Dougherty snapped a front cover of the script for season six’ episode 19, unveiling the title of the upcoming storyline as “Did you miss me?” to be directed by Roger Kumble.

Pretty Little Liars 6B returns on January 6, 2016.