Pretty Little Liars season 6: girls get on with their lives after college; Showrunner answers if the series is coming to an end


When “Pretty Little Liars” returns for the second half of the sixth season, viewers will see grown-up characters with the five-year time jump, as they try to move on from finding out who A actually is after tormenting them for so long.

In the teaser promo previewing the next episodes, the girls have gone their separate ways and entered college to establish their careers. With the distance and time apart, they stay connected through social media. When they finally get to see each other, their excitement and festive feeling may not last long as there may be someone going after Alison.

It has been revealed during the last few scenes in the finale that Alison becomes a teacher in Rosewood and she goes by the name Mrs. Rollins. Rumors have it that her husband may soon be introduced as a certain psychologist called Dr. Rollins.

Meanwhile, the sneak peek showcased Spencer being approached by Mona and asks her if she still has nightmares. It is notable that the signs on the background read “Veronica Hastings” which seems to suggest that she may have gone to politics and Spencer might be helping her campaign.

There will also be a new hangout place in town called “The Radley” presumably owned by Ezra who may be rebuilding his romantic connection with Aria.

On the other hand, Hanna has gone to New York and now engaged but it may or may not be with Caleb as showrunner Marlene King refuses to divulge specific details, “I can’t say who it’s to. It might be Caleb, it might not be. A lot can happen in five years,” E! Online reports.

On an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, King confirmed that there will be a wedding but it will not necessarily be Hanna’s.

Seemingly addressing the concern that season seven will be the final season, she added, “There’s a new mystery and a new story that starts up when we come back in the next episode, and that story will most likely end at the end of season seven. So it’s a great final, gigantic mystery twist I think it’s the biggest we’ve ever had. And that feels like season seven is probably a good time to end that story. But we’ll see we have a little time to play with it. But we’re definitely moving in that direction.”

Pretty Little Liars 6B returns on January 6, 2016.