Presidential Polls 2016 updates: Cruz leads Trump in Iowa, Sanders leads Clinton in New Hampshire in weeks leading to primaries


It’s a neck and neck race in the weeks leading to the primaries for both the Republican and Democratic parties as the U.S. braces for the 2016 presidential polls.

According to a report by NBC, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are locked in a tight race in Iowa, while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are statistically tied in New Hampshire.

Based on the results of the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls, Ted Cruz got 28 percent of the votes, leading Donald Trump by four points in Iowa. They are trailed by Marco Rubio who posted 13 percent, while Ben Carson follows closely at 11 percent among the likely caucus goers. However, if there is a higher turnout of caucus goers, this will likely favor Trump as he has a two percent advantage over Cruz among the larger universe of caucus goers.

For the Democratic race, Clinton has a  three percent advantage over her closest competitor Bernie Sanders. Clinton posted 48 percent, while Sanders got 45 percent in the state. Among the larger universe of potential Democratic caucus goers, Clinton consistently led and even increased her lead to 49 percent against Sanders’ 43 percent.

In New Hampshire, Trump holds the advantage at 30 percent followed by Marco Rubio with 14 percent, Chris Christie at 12 percent, Ted Cruz at 10 percent, and John Kasich and Jeb Bush tied at 9 percent each.

Sanders, on the other hand, leads Clinton by four points, 50 percent against 46 percent which puts them within the margin of error of plus-minus 4.8 percentage points. In the larger universe of potential Democratic primary voters, Sanders maintains the lead over Clinton.

The primaries are scheduled on Feb. 1 in Iowa and Feb. 9 in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, a report by USA Today focused on the priorities of millennials who will exercise their right to elect the next leader of the country in the polls.

Among their primary concerns are the economy, employment concerns, minimum wage, and paid leaves.