Power Season 3 air date: expected to return on June, 2016; Production gets rolling in New York this month


Starz’ most-watched original series “Power” has been renewed for season three even before the second installment wraps up when it garnered 1.43 million viewers during the premiere or 209 percent compared to season one.

Bringing an overall viewership of 3.62 million, the show which revolves around glamorous New York and the drug trade, and executively produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson broke records in the network.

“‘Power’ is a project I have been passionate about since day one. I am glad the audience loves the show as much as we do, and we are just getting started,” 50 Cent told The Wrap.

When it comes to details of season three, creator, showrunner and head writer Courtney Kemp Agboh stated that there will be no flashbacks showing James “Ghost” St. Patrick, Angela and Tommy, “I don’t believe in flashbacks. Categorically. Don’t believe in them. I think they’re easy. I don’t believe in flashbacks or voiceover. I think that you should be able to dramatize the way that people really talk. “

She added that if they do come up with recurring memories, it will be about the recent ones and not with the characters as kids, “And the thing about flashbacks for me is that the information that the audience wants about what that was, you can give them present tense. You really can. So no, as long as I’m running this show, you’re not going to see a lot of flashbacks.”

Agboh is also interactive with fans in social media who ask her questions about the show. She said that most of the time, the feedback she gives is “80/20”, meaning 80 percent “just super fun”, and 20 percent “real work”, especially when she tries to clarify some misunderstanding in the plot.

The third season will begin production in New York this month for 10-episode run.

Although no release date has been confirmed yet, it most likely be aired on June, 2016 following the premiere dates of both seasons one and two.