'Power Rangers' updates: Film started production on Feb. 29; March 24, 2017 release set; character descriptions revealed


Lionsgate is remaking the 1990s TV series “Power Rangers” into a film that will premiere on March 24, 2017. The movie officially started production on Feb. 29, as reported by IGN News. The report said Lionsgate started production in Vancouver, Canada.

The movie’s plot still stems from the original story of five high school students who became super heroes after finding out that aliens are about to destroy Angel Grove, their small town, and the world.

As reported by Collider, the description of the characters are as follows:

  • Jason (Red Ranger) is a skillful freshman quarterback. An unfortunate car accident will cause him to break his knee and turn him into a waste. In the end, he will regain himself and lead some teenagers to live out their purpose.
  • Zack (Black Ranger) is the charming and egoistic athletic. He tries to put up a strong personality to cover up his insecurity – that he just lives in a trailer park with his mother.
  • Billy (Blue Ranger) is the clumsy and low-esteemed guy. He has problems interacting with people due to his poor socializing skills.
  • Kimberly (Pink Ranger) is the “unconventionally cool” girl who stopped going to school for six months. When she came back, she became a totally different girl with a rebellious attitude.
  • Trini (Yellow Ranger) is the mysterious and lonely geek. She transfers from one school to another, wherever her parents’ work will be assigned.

Aside from the actors and actresses cast as the Power Rangers, “Hunger Games” actress Elizabeth Banks will also be in the movie. She will play the role of a villain Rita Repulsa.

“Power Rangers” will be released on March 24, 2017.

In other news, Forbes reported that Lionsgate adjusted its planned release date for the last sequel of “The Divergent: Ascendant” to give way to Saban’s “Power Rangers.” “The Divergent: Ascendant” will now be released on June 9, 2017, while “Power Rangers” will have its release in March.