Power Rangers reboot set for release January 2017, character descriptions unveiled, promise mystery


The popular superhero characters that started in the 90s will now get a Hollywood slot as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Lionsgate and Saban, is slated on the big screen on January 13, 2017.

Along with the announcement of the movie, the description of the characters were also described by an exclusive from The Collider. The 17-year old teenager troop comes together confused and loaded with baggage, but will work together in exciting ways.

Jason, the red ranger, is a freshmen quarterback who is popular, skillful, and a “legend.” One day, he wrapped his car around the pole and injured his knee, which took away all the glamor he has. The movie starts off with him as a teenager needing redemption, but ending up as a character leading his troops as each one lets go of their baggage and finds out who they are.

Kimberly, the pink ranger, is also a popular cool girl who everyone wishes to become. However, she leaves school for six months, and after coming back, rumors are flying around regarding her absence. Her comeback turns her into a rebel-without-a-cause and an edgy person, masking a deep secret. What could her secret be?

Trini, the yellow ranger, on the other hand, is a mysterious and extremely bright teenager who has the woes of always being a new girl because her parents move around a lot. She is a loner, self-sufficient, and contemplative in nature, but deep inside yearns to find herself a group of friends even if she does not want to admit it.

Meanwhile, Billy, blue ranger, is an awkward and odd teenager who has struggles with interacting and communicating socially, as he does not know how to filter his reactions and emotions. Because of this, people find it hard to become friends with him.

Black ranger Zack is the life of the party as he is always filled with bravado with his tough and cool aura. He is a great athlete and never lacks confidence with women, but he constantly hoots his own horn, as well as lies and sugarcoats facts.  He lives in a trailer park with his mom and constantly feels inferior.

The actors behind the characters are still currently being cast. What do you think of a Power Rangers reboot?