'Power Rangers' reboot news: Old concept art leaked


The new and upcoming live-action film reboot “Saban’s Power Ranger” is all set, with all five main Rangers already cast and with filming to start soon. However, long before the project was fully progressing as an upcoming film, there used to be an early version of the reboot, which was conceptualized by a mystery director, before “Project Almanac” director Dean Israelite got the job.

As reported by Comic Book Movie, a series of concept arts can be found on Imgur. These concept arts are said to be from someone Lionsgate had before they finally signed up Israelite. The “mystery” director was not named, and nothing is known about the person who had the concept of this kind of a “Power Rangers” film, but the designs are known to be have been made by artists Alex Ruiz and Gregory Semkow.

The concept art showed the five Rangers inside the Megazord, operating it in the headjust like how it was done in most season of the “Power Rangers” series. Another concept art showed Zordon, looking very different from the human-faced Zordon that was made popular in the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” series and films. The trusty assistant robot, Alpha, who is often the humorous kind of robot, was also shown, looking all advanced and futuristicand nowhere near the original design the character had in the original series and films. In fact, where the original Alpha looked obviously like a robot, the concept art for Alpha made the character look like an android or cyborg instead.

The villain Rita also had a concept art of her own, bearing a very different design from the original. A fight scene betweem the Megazord and a monster enemy was also shown, with the monster looking to be nothing of the mix of monsters the original rangers had, but instead looking to be like a creature from any popular monster film.

It is unknown whether Dean Israelite will be following a concept similar or close to the leaked concept art or not. “Saban’s Power Rangers” will open in theaters on March 24, 2017.