Popcorn Time updates: New Community Edition up and running despite legal threats


Popcorn Time, an online streaming application, has been intermittent for the past week due to anti-piracy group trying to close it down.

On Monday, the website was down despite its attempt to be available just a few days ago. However, the developers will not easily give up as a new “Community Edition” has been put up, along with a few variations or forks of the said application.

The new edition started as a fix. When users became interested in it, the developers started a new website version called Popcorn Time Community Edition or simply, PTCE.

“Now we have taken it a step further and created a web site where people can find more information about the Community Edition project and links to the working installers or other relevant information,” said the team to Torrent Freak.

The developers said that as long as users download from the project, Popcorn Time will most likely continue to improve along the way. The team has been very confident and brave in keeping their services up despite the numerous attempts and actions taken against them.

Just last week, Popcorn Time lost two Dutchmen developers because BREIN, a Dutch anti-piracy group, has asked the two individuals to sign a settlement agreement not to continue helping the site or risk a 2,000 Euros fine per day.

Popcorn Time empathized with the two Dutchmen but did not focus on the legal side of the issue. Instead, they assured users that “Popcorn Time will probably never go away, despite the efforts made by organizations such as BREIN, the MPAA and others,” noted the same report from Torrent Freak. They added, “Instead of fighting this great software they should embrace it.”

Up to know, the site continues the same brave approach when it encouraged users, “This Popcorn Time service will never be down. Download and enjoy.”