Popcorn Time beta version goes live on new domain, vows 'service will never be taken down'


Rumors that favorite movie torrent-sharing site Popcorn Time may have be taken down for good are circulating online. However, the site has been seen running recently on beta version 5.4, as it promises users that it will not disappear again.

The site welcomes visitors with the words that read, “Watch torrent movies instantly. This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down. Download and enjoy,” presumably in reference to the closure of the original domain “PopcornTime.io” attributed to the Motion Picture Association of America.

According to Torrent Freak, the MPAA took credit when it announced that they have filed lawsuits against several developers of the site in Canada. They have obtained an injunction on Oct. 16, resulting to the shutdown on Oct. 23.

Weeks after, leaner variants of the torrent site, called forks, started sprouting online. Apparently, a group of new developers launched other means for the application to continue, starting with Popcorn Time Community Edition. The fork comes from the revival of the .io which evolved to Popcorntime.ml.

The team stated that if there is enough interest from the community, they may improve their own version. “In the beginning it was just so people still could use the version from Popcorntime.io and continue to enjoy this great software. But as long as people use it and we have people to drive this project forwards it will probably continue to evolve in future as well.”

However, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has already started making its moves as it tracked down two developers of Popcorn Time who have shared their works on Reddit. In response, they have stopped working on the site and at the risk of paying 2,000 per day if they violate the agreement on their settlement.

“Since the recent action by the MPAA against Popcorntime.io, which took the website offline, various parties are breathing new life into the software, as were these two Dutch individuals,” the group said.

Popcorn Time is now running under the domain “Popcorn-time.se.”