'Pokmon Sun' and 'Moon' news: reasons why fans are going crazy over the newest Pokmon installment


Pokmon fans of all ages eagerly await the anticipated launch of “Pokmon Sun” and “Moon,” the latest installment to the successful franchise. With the games’ release set on Nov. 18, here are a few facts and speculations that got fans scouring the internet for more information as the date draws near.

The Pokmon Sun and Moon website has enumerated a whole lot of features that would stir sheer exhilaration in every avid fan. Some of the newer features are those that players have been clamoring for in a long time.

Hyper training is a new functionality that allows the player’s Pokmon to be raised to its highest capabilities. The limit of how high the stats of a certain Pokemon can be raised is determined by manipulating effort values through battles and special training. However, individual values also play a much heavier role to it. The new hyper training changes all that, for as long as the trainer presents bottle caps to Mr. Hyper.

New starters have always been all the rage, and the new batch does not disappoint. The latest trailer shows the final evolved forms of the starters with unexpected types, as well as their own signature moves that will be introduced to “Sun” and “Moon.”

The addition of Z-moves also adds hype to the new Pokmon game. In order for this to activate, a certain Pokmon must have a specific Z-crystal it is compatible with to make use of this powerful move. This can only be used once in every given battle. The latest trailer also gave insights on the unique Z-moves the guardian deities have.

The biggest surprise of them all is the Battle Tree, where the trainer can team up with famous Pokmon personalities such as Wally and Cynthia. For the hardcore Pokmon player, seeing that Red and Blue will also be in the new games brings a silent tear of nostalgia and excitement.

The new information leaked by the makers of the game didn’t satisfy the fans’ thirst, but instead fueled their curiosity into creating even more speculations. An end game story for the Alola region might make a surprising turn to more events, such as going back to a previous region as is being discussed in a Reddit post, saying the game has twice the data with that of “Pokmon X & Y.”

A report in GameNGuide even speculates that Kanto, the first region of the Pokmon game, may be the final destination of the Alola gameplay. The second trailer of the game shows that the boy relocated back to Japan, and fans are nitpicking the smallest detail and connecting it to possibilities.

Amidst the predictions, gamers will be happy to know that some old but well-loved features are coming back, including pok fashion, Pokmon refresh that somehow resembles Pokmon amie, and mega evolution.