'Pokmon GO' update: In-game holiday boxes now available


In celebration of the Holiday cheer, “Pokmon GO” players can now buy one or all of the three shop bundles at a discount. Additionally, some items that cannot be ordinarily bought are sold as well.

According to Game Rant, Niantic has released three special holiday boxes. The boxes are divided into three tiers: Special, Great, and Ultra. The first one is priced at 250 Pokcoins, and it contains 10 Great Balls and two Egg Incubators. The second one costs 550 Pokcoins, and it contains 20 Great Balls, two pieces of Incense, and four Egg Incubators. The last one costs 1,500 Pokcoins, and it has 20 Ultra Balls, 25 pieces of Incense, and six Egg Incubators.

The boxes are limited edition ones that will be gone after Dec. 30. However, after that, there will be another set of holiday boxes released, which will have three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The contents of the boxes are yet to be revealed by Niantic, but according to the BitBag, the company gave a vague idea of what to expect: Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Pokballs, and more.

Of course, the boxes offer pretty good deals since when the items are bought separately, it would cost more money, compared to buying the boxes. Also, players cannot normally purchase Great Balls and Ultra Balls, so it is a good deal, especially for players who live in rural areas with few Pokstops.

It is a pleasing offer to loyal players, but Niantic is no doubt boosting its purchases in their shop. After all, with a significant drop in player base, the game’s profits have decreased dramatically. As such, offering a means of getting rare Pokballs should help them recover some of their players in lieu of their holiday event.

Meanwhile, the next update for “Pokmon GO” will increase the spawn rate of starter Pokmon. Also, with baby Pokmon getting released, along with other freebies, now could be the best time to return to the game.