'Pokmon GO' Trading feature release date: update coming soon?


It has been reported that players are starting to lose interest in “Pokmon GO,” the augmented reality game that took the world by storm when it was launched in July. It was said that Niantic has lost more than a million players worldwide, and that’s why the company is reportedly working on some game updates which will give a fresh feel to the app.

One of the rumored updates said to be heading to “Pokmon GO” is the Trading update. While Niantic has yet to confirm the rumors, Neurogadget reports that data mining the game’s codes showed a few hints of trading. It would be fitting for “Pokmon GO” to have this feature, as previous “Pokmon” games showed that trading was a must to advance as a Trainer.

Back when players used to play “Pokmon” games on the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance consoles, gamers used link cables to trade Pokmon creatures and items with other players. One theory claims that for the Trading feature to work in “Pokmon GO,” two players will have to be in close proximity to trade. According to Ranked Boost, “Pokmon GO” meetups or landmarks would be ideal locations for players to trade. It was also speculated that “Pokmon GO” centers for trading might be found in PokStops once the Trading feature has been released.

Another theory claims that players may be able to trade pocket monsters and in-game items through the internet. This would allow players to trade with others while in the comfort of their own homes. In order to do this, Niantic would have to have a platform in place for online trading to work.

One more feature that players are looking forward to would be Trainer Battles, wherein friends can battle each other’s Pokmon without going to Pokmon Gyms. Another feature that players have been asking for is the Friends List, wherein “Pokmon GO” players can connect with each other while playing the game.