'Pokmon GO' tips, tricks: How to catch wild Pokmon, attract pocket monsters using Incense


“Pokmon GO” players have been enamored with the game since it made its debut in July. While the premise of the app made it popular with gaming fanatics, the fact that it forces people to go outdoors to capture Pokmon has made it a hit worldwide, as players get to live their childhood dream of becoming a Pokmon Trainer.

Some people have mastered the art of using Pokballs to capture the pocket monsters in the augmented reality game. However, while most players have no problems trying to catch the ubiquitous Zubat or Eevee, many have found that trying to capture wild or rarer Pokmon is more difficult than expected. To improve one’s chances of catching wild Pokmon, here are some tips to try out for the next Pokmon hunt.

Though the main selling point of the game is its augmented reality feature, one will find out that having AR enabled will make it more difficult to capture Pokmon. It’s undeniable that this feature adds to the fun as it uses one’s gyroscope and camera to place Pokmon onto real world backgrounds. However, AR does nothing to help a player capture the pocket monsters in an effective manner.

To increase the chances of catching wild Pokmon, simply disable AR by tapping the small slider on the upper right of the screen and replace with a generic background. This will keep the Pokmon in the center and make it easier to catch. Turning off the AR will also help players save battery life.

Another way to catch Pokmon is to attract them by using Incense. While some players will use them while sitting down, the attraction rate of the Incense actually increases when players are walking, so only use this item when in motion. One will find that if done correctly, rarer Pokmon will start to spawn, and the chances of getting a rare Pokmon rather than another Pidgey is greater when Incense is used.