'Pokmon GO' tips and tricks: defeat gyms with Lapras, Dragonite and Snorlax


The current “Pokmon GO” craze is driving everyone to unprecedented levels of game addiction, something that never has been seen before. With that in mind, it’s quite common these days to read about all sorts of tips and tricks on how to be more successful in catching Pokmon and doing all those other stuff successfully before everyone does.

The latest to sweep every “Pokmon GO” player off their feet is the difficulty of gym challenges and battles. The objective is simple to overcome powerful Pokmon like Dragonite, Snorlax and Lapras in these battles. However, it actually is easier said than done.

According to Pokmon GO Hub, there’s a new system referred to as “Pokmon GO” buddy system that actually allows gamers to be able to use a Pokmon buddy and obtain candies.

Meanwhile, another report, this time from BGR, admits that winning gym challenges could be by far the most difficult to achieve, but the key might be figuring out why the three characters are usually given the responsibility of defending the gyms. Simply put, there’s a need to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. The report notes that in gym battles, there’s no room for any edge with maximum strength. Instead, the key is using the weaknesses of the Pokmon to be able to outrank them.

Those who are hooked to the game know at the back of their heads that defending the gyms is as crucial as claiming them. That’s basically a traditional unwritten rule for the entirety of “Pokmon GO.” In this regard, gamers need to put one of their Pokmon at their gyms in order to fight for it. The problem is that there will always be other Pokmon that are more efficient and successful in defending the gyms. In other words, everything about the challenges is based on luck, at least for the most part.