'Pokmon GO' PokVision alternatives news: Track Pokmon with PokeEye, PokMesh, PokeGear GO and more


With PokVision, trainers had the option to use a third-party tracker to look for Pokmon since the “Pokmon GO” in-game tracker wasn’t effective at all. However, the site closed shop last July when Niantic forced them to shut down operations. Since then, other third-party tracking apps and sites have risen to take its place. So, what are the best PokVision alternatives?

Candidate number one is PokeEye. Yes, the name sounds extremely painful, but it actually features a very detailed map and players can just enter their location while the site does all the work in tracking those Pokmon. Each scan of an area will only take a few seconds, but this will also depend on other factors like site traffic and stability. The site also features a map filter, so trainers can choose what they want to see.

Of course, similar to PokVision, trainers don’t have to be at the location themselves to check on the map. Most third-party trackers function the same way, so expect the other sites to share the same feature. Most sites also let players see how much time they have left to catch a Pokmon before it disappears, so trainers will not go wandering into an area on a wild goose chase.

Sites like PokMesh, PokeMap, and apps like PokeGear GO, Poke LIVE, and PokeFast function the same way. These sites and apps also allow players to look for PokStops and Gyms so they can restock their items.

Okay, trainers who haven’t tried using these third-party trackers probably want to ask this question why are some players using these trackers despite the fact that Niantic frowns on the services they offer?

According to Morning News USA, the game is not exactly perfect and its flaws are making it hard to play for some trainers. Since Niantic continues to put out updates, maybe the glitches and issues in the game will be addressed soon.

While players are using these trackers, they have to remember that Niantic is openly banning players who are violating their terms of service, and this includes using third-party apps. So trainers are advised to use with caution.