'Pokmon GO' news: Latest update comes with Gym tweaks, bonus rewards


The latest update for “Pokmon GO” is rolling out and it comes with a couple of Gym-related tweaks. The update patch notes show that whenever a trainer defeats a rival Gym leader, that trainer will have a brief window of opportunity to select a Pokmon and put it in the Gym without any interference. This should prevent sneaky players from laying claim to an open Gym after someone else does the hard work of defeating the previous Gym leader.

The bad news is that the prestige level of the defeated Gym also decreases more drastically than usual. The prestige gained while training in a friendly Gym is also lowered. The update also gives trainers the ability to earn bonuses for the first Pokmon catch and PokStop visit each day. A larger bonus is given if a trainer can do this for seven days straight.

Meanwhile, some “Pokmon GO” players aren’t thrilled with certain changes made to the game. These changes were not exactly included in the update patch notes, but players noticed that they can no longer access PokStops when they are moving at a certain speed even if they are only passengers.

It looks like the “I’m a passenger” prompt is useless now. Members of the “Pokmon GO” subreddit are sharpening their pitchforks after finding out about the unannounced change.

Well, it’s time for some good news. Niantic has announced that they are expanding the “Nearby” tracking feature’s test area.

“As you might be aware, we’re currently testing a variation of the Nearby Pokmon feature in San Francisco, California. Starting today, we will be expanding the ability for Trainers in parts of Arizona, the Seattle area of Washington state, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area to test this version of the feature. We will continue to review community feedback, make changes if necessary, and roll this feature out to more regions.”