'Pokmon GO' Generation 2 batch may come a bit later with Niantic focusing on server maintenance


Just like every single game that has been released, “Pokmon GO,” despite its massive success, still leaves fans with a few gripes here and there. One of which is the seemingly small sample size of pocket monsters that can be caught in the game. At this time, the game only features 145 Pokmon out of 151 in the Pokdex which includes four sectarian exclusives. While this may look like a lot given that there have only been a handful of players who have had their rosters filled up and only one who claims that he was already able to catch them all, the scale is minuscule in comparison to the over 700 creatures that have been introduced in the entirety of the franchise.

The reason for this seemingly limited release is that Niantic Labs is gearing for a staggered release with the first generation creatures to be followed by a second batch. This buzz has already been making the rounds as early as the initial release of “Pokmon GO” but the game developers have kept their lips tightly sealed about the matter. Nevertheless, given that players are already looking forward to regular updates for the game, there has been more clamor for the supposed next batch of Pokmon that are tipped to come.

The latest reports suggest that the next-gen batch will have familiar Pokmon evolving to their yet to be seen state. Zubat is said to be able to transform into Crobat, which is a higher form of its current top-tier iteration, Golbat. The situation will be the same for Chansey which can turn into Blissey, Horsea to Kingdra, Scyther to Scizor, and Porygon to Porygon2. The last two in the list only need 50 candies to execute their transformation while the rest will need 100.

These new Pokmon are touted to come anytime via a massive update but if Niantic CEO John Hanke’s comments are to be analyzed, it might be a while before Niantic rolls out the upgrade as the game developer’s primary goal is to maintain the servers first.