'Pokmon GO' news: Buddy system bug turns Pokmon into giants


Fans of the hit ARG “Pokmon GO” are surprised about the strange bug that recently affected players. Basically, their buddy Pokmon turned into the hulking monstrosities, which can either be funny or creepy depending on the player’s perspective.

According to the Gamer’s Drop, fans are energized by the plethora of new features being made available in the “Pokmon GO” game. After all, the game’s tracker system, as well as the Gym battles, is now being upgraded. However, players have mixed opinions about the game’s collaboration efforts with McDonald’s and Starbucks, but nevertheless, it makes the game more exciting.

Regardless, a new bug is causing the buddy Pokmon to transform into their giant versions, and sometimes the size can consume the entirety of the screen depending on the phone used. Of course, this has caused a lot of annoyance to players due to the fact that the Pokmon are supposed to be scaled around the map to ensure that the avatar is not overcast.

Right now, the subreddit for “Pokmon GO” is flooded with the screenshots of the bugs. However, Niantic Labs does not have any official statement on the matter right now, but it is expected that the bug will be fixed within a week or so.

The best fix right now is for players to restart their devices, as it can point to a software issue. If this does not fix the issue, reinstalling the game might be necessary. A patch will certainly address this issue soon, so fans are encouraged to just wait.

Meanwhile, Game Spot reports that the Nearby feature for “Pokmon GO” has expanded once again and that it is now available in most regions where the game can be played. As fans can remember, the feature was first released in San Francisco, and since then, it has expanded to other regions and other countries around the world.