'Pokmon GO' latest news: Creator confirms three more upcoming updates in 2017


“Pokmon GO” enthusiasts shouldn’t be too attached to the Generation 2 (Gen 2) update because there will be more coming soon.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, has announced (via Fortune.com) that there are three more updates for “Pokmon GO” set to be released later this year.

Also, the Niantic executive has revealed an upcoming new version for the “Ingress” game.

“We’ll be launching a new version of our original game, Ingress, later this year and we have some other projects that unfortunately I can’t talk about today,” Hanke stated. “They’ll be coming down the pike,” he added.

However, Hanke did not relay more information about the upcoming updates of the two mobile games.

“Pokmon GO” fans are hoping that the next updates will add the swapping feature, which will allow players to trade Pokmon to other players.

Two weeks ago, Niantic, in collaboration with Nintendo, launched the Generation 2 update for the Pokmon mobile app.

Apart from releasing 80 new Pokmon, the new update has allowed some Gen 1 Pokmon that have no evolutions to finally evolve. These types of Pokmon include Golbat to Crobat, Onix to Steelix, and Scyther to Scizor.

Likewise, some Pokmon that have existing evolutions can get extra or split evolutions with the Gen 2 update. This kind of pocket monsters includes Gloom, which evolves into Bellossom; Poliwhirl which evolves into Politoed, and Eevee, which evolves into Umbreon or Espeon.

Candies are still necessary in order for the virtual creatures to evolve, and Gen 2 provides new evolutionary items and berries. The Nanab Berry and Pinap Berry are the two new berry items in Gen 2.

Using the Nanab Berry, a trainer can slow Pokmon down so that it won’t run away, while Pinap Berries will help the trainer to double up the number of candies upon a successful catch.

In late February, the game developer made an appearance at the Google Developer Day. They claimed (via Polygon) that “Pokmon GO” has been downloaded more than 650 million times. This makes the game the most used and profitable mobile app thus far.