'Pokmon GO' Guide: How to get a Raichu that has a Santa Hat


With the holiday event for “Pokmon GO” in full swing, fans are able to go out and walk in search of the most desired festive Pikachu. However, there is also a way for players to secure their very own Santa hat-wearing Raichu, too.

According to Game Rant, a lot of fans thought that the Santa Hat Pikachu is only a holiday-themed addition. However, some sources have been researching for ways on how to get the evolved form of this beloved rodent. Whatever the case may be, it will take some effort to obtain it before the event is finished later this month.

The first and the most straightforward method of getting the Santa Hat Raichu is to get it from the wild, as fans have reported that the Pokmon can be found in the wild. However, it is more difficult to encounter it, and as such, it can present to be a more difficult challenge that will rely solely on luck.

The easier way is to obtain enough candies to trigger the evolution for the Santa Hat Pikachu. It will take 50 candies in order to evolve Pikachu to Raichu, and the same evolution parameter applies. Candies can be obtained by either capturing more Pikachus or using the Buddy System and walk it out.

Of course, Niantic has been hard at work trying to gain back its launch fanbase, but iTechPost reports that there are other ways to make the holiday event much better. Basically, since it is the season of gift-giving, it would be appropriate for Niantic to give players in-game gifts every day.

While the Santa Hat Pikachu could certainly brighten up an inventory, gift-bearing Pokmon that give random rewards like incense, candies, or even eggs can certainly be better. The possibilities are limitless.

“Pokmon GO” is now available for both Android and iOS devices.