'Pokmon GO' Gen 2 release news: Buddy and trading systems; rare Pokmon assigned 3 KM distance to acquire candies


After obtaining massive success following the release of “Pokmon GO” in July, Niantic’s augmented reality game has already reportedly seen a decline in its number of players. Some believe that the rumored upcoming second-generation update will change the current traction of the gamers.

According to reports, the updates are expected to roll out soon which may feature notable improvements such as the Buddy system and the Trading system. The two were spotted after tech enthusiasts data-mined the game’s codes but only the former has been confirmed for the meantime.

The patch is expected to let trainers choose a specific Pokmon and bond with it. When picked, the creature will get to walk around with the user and will be rewarded with candies that can be used to evolve or power up. However, the items are believed to have a daily limit and the Pokmon will not be available for other activities such as fighting in gyms unless its buddy status is removed.

Game Rant shares that each Pokmon has been assigned a distance from 1 KM to 3 KM to earn candy. Most of them only require 1 KM to 2 KM but there are others that have to be walked for 3 KM. There will also be four different sizes dubbed as “Medium,” “Shoulder,” “Big” and “Flying” which are deemed to be based on their actual size in the “Pokmon” universe.

It appears that the rarer kinds of Pokmon such as Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos have been assigned to the 3 KM distance. Moltres was revealed have been labeled as “Big,” as opposed to “Flying” similar to Articuno and Zapdos.

Meanwhile, as fans wait for the upgrade, Pokmon Hub noted that the spawn points of the creatures seemed to have changed recently. Some users from Australia and the United States shared that their locations have now become a breeding ground for Dratinis, Ghastlys and Nidorinos compared to the previous Pidgey and Ratata. There also seems to be an increase in spawn rates and changes during nighttime.

It remains to be seen when Niantic will launch “Pokmon GO” Generation 2. The original version is currently available for both iOS and Android.