'Pokmon GO' Buddy System news: Codes for new feature rumored to evolve and power up rare Pokmon


Recent attempts at data mining Niantic’s hit augmented reality game “Pokmon GO” apparently confirmed that a so-called Buddy feature maybe introduced in future updates.

As previously reported, it is believed that new generation of the game will include a system in which the gamers can assign a Pokmon that will follow them around. Instead of being kept inside a PokBall, the chosen creature will also be exploring the map following the movement of its user.

According to Go Hub, an alleged code was discovered that seemingly pertains to the additional element. Programming enthusiasts, codenamed elfinlazz and AeonLucid, were the first to dig and find out about the feature.

The breakdown reveals that the players will be able to designate one Pokmon as a buddy for a limited amount of time. As the chosen pocket monster walks with them, players could earn corresponding candies required to either evolve or power them up similar to how Pokmon eggs can be carried around to hatch at certain distances.

This may give players the advantage of gathering the aforementioned items without having to catch tons of Pokmon duplicates and lose PokBalls in the process. Moreover, they will also have the chance to pick their favorite among their collection and even evolve the rarer finds. Since the gamers have to travel to many places to find specific Pokmon, the purported feature will allow them to get the most out of a single capture.

It is speculated that the buddy Pokmon may also appear on-screen alongside the player’s avatar. There are allegedly codes for “medium,” “big,” “flying,” and what could be propped onto the “shoulder” pocket monsters.

However, since Niantic has yet to officially comment on the assumptions, available information should be taken with a grain of salt. The developers previously rolled out an upgrade that added the ability for respective gym masters to appraise Pokmon and discern their hidden stats.