'Pokken Tournament' updates: gamers to get exclusive Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card; gameplay details revealed


In just a little over a month, “Pokmon” fans using the Wii U console will be able to play the Pokmon-themed fighting game called the “Pokken Tournament.”

According to Serebii, the said tournament will be a combination of the games “Pokmon” and “Tekken” as it will gather  “Pokmon” characters. They will then use their attacks and fight in an arena. It is expected to be similar to the arcade version of the tournament.

To prepare for the game on the Wii U console, Engagdet revealed that there will be a different controller for players in Japan. The said controller will have no the analog sticks but will have directional pads instead. The pads will include four buttons, with “ZL” and “ZR” on the face side and the other two on the back side of the control panel.

The game will also include different modes with varied difficulty levels, reported WCCF Tech from the game’s official Japanese website. It will have Single Battle mode, which will have three difficulty levels, for players who want to go solo. On the other hand, it will also have a Local Battle mode, which will enable one player to use the Wii U Gamepad and the companion to use other supported controllers.

For those who want to utilize their Internet connection, the game will have a LAN mode, where both players need to be connected on a LAN cable along with their consoles, to play. “Pokken Tournament” will also track the competitions and ranking of the different players, most likely featuring the top players.

On the Nintendo site, the cost of the action game is pegged at $59.99. For players who will get “Pokken Tournament” first edition, the title will include a special gift in the form of a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card.

Without the free card, there are certain missions and conditions to unlock the character. However, in the said amiibo card, players will just need to use their Wii U GamePad to read it to immediately unlock Mewtwo. The game also supports all other amiibo figures.

The “Pokken Tournament” will be available starting March 18 in all regions, exclusively for Wii U users.