Pokemon Z release date: Expected Pokemon Z announcement from Famitsu is 'false alarm', no details at E3 either


Rumors talking about an announcement on the rumored Pokemon Z game, following a post in Japanese-language Pokemon site, have been proven to be false.

In addition, fans cannot look forward to a similar announcement in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo event in June either.

According to the iDigital Times, speculations arose last week that the Famitsu DS+Wii issue is going to make an announcement on Pokemon Z following a post in Pokemon Line, Japanese-language blog that focused on stories regarding the Pokemon world.

The Pokemon Line post was talking about how existing rumors about the Pokemon Z game was getting people hyped, iDigital Times said.

Pokemon Line then embedded tweets from Japanese users agreeing with its sentiment and saying that the hype should die down since it has been there since the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS).

The two Pokemon games were released last year for the Nintendo 3DS.

Unfortunately, iDigital Times said, the Pokemon Line post and the associated Japanese tweets were misinterpreted by non-Japanese fans who thought that Famitsu had an upcoming announcement on Pokemon Z.

Joe Merrick, webmaster of English-language Pokemon site Serebii confirmed the false alarm in Twitter.

“As suspected, Famitsu DS+Wii… seems to have no announcement, contrary to what has spread this month. Sorry to disappoint,” Merrick’s Tweet said.

Gamers are also expecting a Pokemon Z announcement in this year’s E3 event in June. However, the Gospel Herald said that it is also highly unlikely that Nintendo is going to reveal the game in E3.

“E3 2015 speculations remain uncertain as Nintendo already announced that it is not priority on mobile titles. Like its predecessors, Pokmon Z is expected to debut on the Nintendo 3DS mobile gaming device,” the Gospel Herald wrote.

A separate report by the iDigital Times has said that Nintendo’s E3 event has been confirmed to focus on Wii U and 3DS titles, but said that Fire Emblem is more likely to be featured in E3 because it is coming out in June.