'Pokemon Z' release date: Game still under development, will launch next year; Pokemon artist dies in a road accident


Pokemon is celebrating their 20<sup>th year anniversary this year but less than a month after the official celebration kicked off, the franchise is already dealing with numerous developments.

For instance, the “Pokemon Z” game that was supposed to be the celebratory release for this year has been plagued with numerous rumors of cancellation. As previously reported, “Z” was said to be scrapped out of Pokemon’s releases this year and was instead replaced by “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon.” Fortunately, new developments reveal that “Z” is not actually totally off the drawing board, but it has just been moved to a later release date next year.

The aforementioned game is said to still be under development, with Japanese magazine “CoroCoro” reporting that fans can expect many things from the game. The magazine revealed that “Z” or “Zygrade” will be the combination of “Xernan” and “Yveltal,” which are already epic Pokemons separately.

Meanwhile, The Seattle Times reported that one of Pokemon’s creative design director, Eric Medalle was killed in a vehicular accident last March 13. The article detailed that Medalle was on his way back home after a Sunday drive with his youngest daughter when a large pine tree crashed on his car after it was pummeled by strong winds due to a wind storm.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, while his daughter suffered minor injuries. 

Medalle started working with The Pokemon Company in 2003. Some of the projects under the Pokemon franchise he took part in are “Omega Ruby,” “Omega Sapphire,” “SoulSilver,” Black 2,” and “White.”