Pokemon Z release date: fans anticipating GDC 2016 unveiling; new legendary Pokemon 'Magearna' revealed


The highly anticipated next installment in the Pokemon game franchise, “Pokemon Z,” may become part of this year’s Game Developers Conference happening in March.

According to reports, the augmented reality game for smartphones and tablets “Pokemon Go” is confirmed to make an appearance in the upcoming event. Niantic’s chief John Hanke is expected to reveal details about the gameplay and explain how the players will interact with other gamers in different parts of the world.

It is also suggested that the design and current stage of development may also be revealed for fans to have a better grasp of what will come up in the integrated mobile game.

Niantic’s participation has been deemed to possibly mean that Game Freak may also join the unveiling in order to give details about “Pokemon Z.” However, the latter’s team has yet to confirm or deny the rumor.

As fans wait for more information, Polygon reports that a new legendary Pokemon will make its debut this summer.

Dubbed Pokemon number 722 or commonly called as Magearna, scans of Japanese magazine CoroCoro shared and translated by Serebii features the look of the creature. Magearna is classified as artificial and man-made as it has been reportedly created by humans deliberately.

Pokemon also shared an image showing a metallic, orb-like monster that is said to be over 500 years old standing more than three inches tall and weighs around 177lbs.

The monster will be introduced in the next Pokemon movie apparently titled “Pokemon the Movie: X Y & Z – Volcanion and the Exquisite Mechanical Magearna” which will hit the big screens in Japan in July.

It has been teased that lead character Ash will first meet Volcanion when it crashes from the sky. He will be bound to it through a mysterious force and although the Pokemon despises humans, it is forced to drag Ash along to continue its rescue mission.

Together, they will arrive in a city of cogs and gears and meet up with a corrupt minister who stole the touted ultimate invention – Magearna. He will use its power to take control of the mechanical kingdom, and it will be up to Ash and Volcanion to save the city and its inhabitants.

It remains to be seen if Magearna will be part of in-game selections after its theatrical debut.

Fans may remember Volcanion as the Pokemon revealed back in December last year. It was first seen when players mined “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y.” However, unlike Volcanion and other previous legendaries, Magearna’s data has not been found to be part of any current Pokemon game.